The Baba Hamed family has been working in the food sector for almost half a century, in fact, in 1974, an artisanal ice-making unit was founded.

Faced with the need to ensure its development and adapt to the economic changes of the time Baba Hamed and son decided to embark on the manufacture of flavorings and food preparations, so it was in February 2000 that the company SARL AROMPLUS is born. Over the years SARL AROMPLUS has acquired a unique know-how thanks to the passion and dedication of its team.

The company ensures innovation and rigor in the development of its products while guaranteeing its customers relationships based on trust and listening. As a result, the family business has established itself as one of the leaders in the agri-food market.

AROMPLUS products are widely used by professionals in the agri-food sector throughout Algeria: Ready-to-use pastry products for topping, fodder and decoration. Flavors and liquid flavors for the food industry (ice cream, yoghurt, pastry, confectioners- biscuits- ...).

The AROMPLUS team is constantly on the lookout for new call products, offering tailor-made products and permanently improved quality. In order to support its growth momentum, the company is currently renovating its production facilities and organizational structure, adapting to international standards to better meet the needs of increasingly demanding customers and paying all the required attention to the primordials aspects of safety food.

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Our laboratory ensures the development of quality products it is a requirement for SARL AROMPLUS which guarantees its customers a wide range of products meeting the standards in force because selective in the choice of components to ensure health and well-being consumers.

The AROMPLUS company has therefore set itself the objective of ensuring the quality and food safety of the products to its customers. According to the needs and desires of consumers, we respond to the current demands of consumers by innovating in the design of our products.

Our laboratory is working on the formulation of products for professionals in the beverage industry pastry and ice cream industry, to improve the manufacturing processes to ensure a quick response to problems encountered by our customers. In its continued development momentum the company is placing investment in training its staff and in the necessary analytical laboratory equipment as a priority.

AROMPLUS: Our experience

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